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We offer all IT services to keep your entire computer and network infrastructure running smoothly.

Our Managed Server or Workstation service consists of three areas:
Monitoring, Maintenance and Support.

• 24/7 health check
• Identifies issues early on
• Keeps your business running
• Automatic patches and updates
• Improves PC performance
• Helps you to work smarter
• Combines monitoring and maintenance
• Phone, Remote, and on-site support
• Reduces downtime

Managed Online Backup Services

• This provides you with peace of mind, with secure offsite storage to protect your business data, which will be easy to fully recover in the event of catastrophic data loss: including fire, theft, flood or any on-site failure.

Managed Antivirus

• Central management – Entrusting your antivirus management to a single source means that every device in your system has the most current versions.
• Consistent security – Your employees cannot turn off or uninstall a managed antivirus solution.
• Continuous monitoring – Your service provider regularly scans your system and applies patches and updates behind the scenes.
• Rapid response – Viruses and malware are a constant threat, and your service provider can address and remove these threats quickly.
• Regular updates – System-wide updates of virus definitions happen automatically and routinely.
• Cost-effective pricing – Per-user pricing of a single solution is typically more economical than individual licenses.

Common issues we help you solve include:

• Reducing downtime
• Improving system performance
• Updating your software
• Overcoming lack of in-house IT resource
• Keeping your servers, PCs and laptops working
• Installing updates and upgrades

Remote IT Management Services

Allivaite Internal IT Resources

IaaS/PaaS Cloud Computing Services

Eliminate Costly On-Premise Servers and Add Instant Scalability

SaaS/On-Prem Application Development

Performing Without Conforming - Bring Your Vision to Life

ERP Business Solutions

Solutions for Any Business and Any Size

VoIP Phone Systems

Many Affordable Internet Based Solutions

Video Observation Systems

See Everything from Anywhere on Any Device - Peace of Mind

Office Wide Audio Systems

Create a Soothing Office Environment